Join A Potentially-Dangerous Social Media Network In Tokyo 13



Players join a social media network, having fun chatting with other users and sending pictures, in Tokyo 13. It all seems quite light at first, but then the player begins to receive some alarming texts, as well as some riddles that will need to be solved to save their friends’ lives in this dark take on social media.




Tokyo 13, available now on iOS and Android, simulates a fake social media network, telling its story through text messages and photos. Players will communicate with fictional users, receiving puzzles from them that need to be solved to progress. These messages will come with real alerts to the player’s own phone as the game blurs the line between itself and the real world.




The fake network will slowly take a dark turn as its users begin to question if it’s safe to use. This creates a unique horror story in which players are left to wonder about the hidden dangers of the social media networks they use, all while challenging them with increasingly-difficult puzzles.

Alistair Wong
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