The Other Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Game Is Bizarre All Right


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures are, well, not really all that bizarre. Maybe. But the new Namco Bandai smartphone game Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters sure is.



It’s a mobile title, yes, but bases its premise on being what Namco Bandai are calling a medal game. Think of it as a game of carrom, but with a lot of superpowered abilities being thrown around.


Stardust Shooters will have characters from the first and second arcs of the anime series, and seems to work by having players flick their character medal against foes. It’ll be able to bounce off walls, foes and back on your own side for chain combos and even has a story mode to follow along with the series. You’ll also be able to acquire characters for your team to use.





Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will be out for iOS and Android in 2014.


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