Jotun’s Third Boss Reveal Is A Duplicating Storm Witch


Thunder Lotus Games has revealed the next boss for its upcoming hand-drawn action-adventure Jotun. It’s the 120 foot tall Storm Jotun, Hagalaz.


She’s entirely made of light, thunder, clouds, and pure chaos and sits at the top of Yggdrasil where the Sun, the Moon, and the stars reside. To get to her, you’ll need to climb to the top of the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil), past Vethrfolnir, the hawk and his companion, the unnamed giant eagle, who hunt any living being that makes it that far.


Beyond that, you’ll also need to decode the constellations in the Northern Lights to discover the secrets and find your way to Hagalaz. Don’t expect a warm welcome when you do arrive, either.


Hagalaz has four main attack methods for you to learn. There’s the standard Lightning Beam, which combines the power of a thousand lightning bolts. Then there’s Thunder Storm, which Hagalaz summons by screaming into the sky, bringing down lightning bolts to electrocute you. Third, Hagalaz is able to teleport to evade danger and get a strategic position. And finally, she can duplicate herself using the power of storms to create a clone as lethal as herself.


Hagalaz is the third boss reveal for Jotun so far, with the previous ones being the Cave Jotun Fé, and the Winter Jotun Isa.

Chris Priestman