imageHave a PlayStation 4 and a USB microphone? You can turn it into a karaoke machine. A Joysound.TV app is available for free on Japan’s PlayStation Store. A ticket for 24 hour access to Joysound’s library of over 10,000 karaoke songs costs 286 yen plus tax or you can purchase a 30 day subscription for 952 yen plus tax.


Karaoke Joysound.TV Plus is a disc version with the app and 51 songs you own. The list includes "Fall In Love Fortune Cookie" from AKB48, "only my railgun" from fripSide, "Kiseki" from GreeeeN, Evangelion theme A Cruel Angel’s Thesis, and the Japanese version of the Frozen song "Let It Go" from May J.


Karaoke Joysound.TV Plus also has a few songs exclusive to the disc version:

Gumi – A Born Coward

Honeyworks featuring Gumi – A Solution for Gumi

Lia – Bird’s Song

Red Litmus – Like A Flower Blooming Bravely (licensed from Konami’s Bemani games)

Hatsune Miku – Melt

Hatsune Miku – Tokyo Teddy Bear


Karaoke Joysound.TV Plus and the Joysound.TV app are available in Japan now.


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