In JRPG Ara Fell, You Can Freely Explore The World At The Start



When the heroine first leaves her hometown of Aloria Village, she can explore most of the world of Ara Fell. She’ll just have to be able to survive in turn-based combat against the monsters she finds in her journeys, though.




In Ara Fell, newly-released on Steam and, elven wizards attempted to save the floating world of Ara Fell, but have instead caused it to fall from the sky. It falls to the game’s heroine to try to stop these events, exploring the world to find a means to save it.




Ara Fell provides many different means to explore its locations, letting players swim, crawl, jump, and fly around, finding hidden places and new items. The game has been designed to encourage curiosity and exploration, and so has many varied places for players to wander. It also allows players to explore most of the world from the very beginning, but difficult monsters may be waiting in those new places.




The game also offers tactical, turn-based combat where players can customize their characters’ leveling to create the party they want. Those same characters will have deep back stories and personalities to draw players into the world and the people within it.

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