JRPG Asdivine Hearts Arrives On Steam With Chubby Kitty Gods


Kemco has released its JRPG Asdivine Hearts on Steam for Windows and Mac. It costs $9.99 at full price but is discounted during launch at $7.99


Asdivine Hearts takes place in the title world of Asdivine after the influence of the shadow has started creeping across the land. It follows Zack and his childhood friend Stella as they are set out to save the world from collapsing under the instruction of a chubby cat claiming to the Light Deity.

Alongside this release, Kemco has also brought Asdivine Menace to iOS after releasing it on Android last year. You can download the freemium version or the premium version will cost you $4.99. Asdivine Menace is the third game in the Asdivine series. Here’s the story summary:


“After receiving a message from a neighboring world that the universe as they know it is on the verge of being destroyed, Izayoi, the deity of Asdivine sets off on an adventure, criss-crossing four planets with a trio of very idiosyncratic spirits in the hopes of preventing this from happening. But will their combined powers really be enough to upend a fate already seemingly etched in stone?!”

Chris Priestman