JRPG Typocrypha Uses Typed Magic Words To Overcome Monstrosities


A young spellcaster has been sent to counter demonic forces with an experimental device in JRPG Typocrypha, a game that lets players harness the powers of various magic spells by typing their words out.

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The Typocrypha, a variant on a magic wand, gives players various magical abilities based on the words they spell, letting them choose which spells to spell out in its turn-based combat. Each of these will have differing abilities depending on which they rush to spell out, and many magics can be enhanced by adding a variety of prefixes and suffixes to the words, giving players more options in a fight should they know them. The game only requires players know the word and spell it correctly to use each magic, rewarding players who have a good memory or who get creative.

As players overcome strange monsters and get closer to the Evil Eye itself, they will slowly learn what it really is while also delving into a story of alienation from society.


A demo for Typocrypha is available now on

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