PlayStation Vita

Judas Code Is Loaded With Gun Action



Judas Code is tri-Ace’s upcoming free-to-play title with a shooting mode for single player and card-battle multiplayer mode for PlayStation Vita. The game’s latest trailer shows us its two modes in full motion.


The video starts out with a glimpse of the action, where you’ll need to shoot down enemy infantry and mecha units, all while dodging the occasional missiles. They then share a little bit about the game’s story and the mysterious pillar called “Longinus” that appeared in the midst of World War III.


We also get to see the two protagonists, and other key characters like the childhood friend Mei Yasoshima. They also show the leader of the Regenerator organization guild, Muerta Megalith, along with the mysterious Operating System girl, who quotes “Will betray God.”


At the 1:10 mark of the video, it demonstrates a closer look at the shooting action in Judas Code that is kind of reminiscent of a shooter game. You’ll take cover while shooting down all nearby enemies, except it seems like you’ll be doing plenty of moving on your own instead of being on rails.


Next, they show off its multiplayer card battle mode, where you’ll participate in 16-man 8 vs. 8 showdown, using different cards acquired through missions in story mode. By winning in this mode, you can even score some pretty nice loot, as well.


Judas Code launches in Japan on August 21, 2014 for PlayStation Vita as a free-to-play title with micro-transactions.

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