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Judas Code Shows Off Its Shooting And Card Game Elements In Screenshots



tri-Ace recently announced a new free-to-play gun-action game called Judas Code, that has a single player shooting mode and a card-battle multiplayer mode. Famitsu shares a first look at the post-apocalyptic PlayStation Vita title.


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The above is a look at the single player shooting game mode, where you’ll advance through the main scenario of the game. The controls are pretty simple, and the goals consist of taking out enemies.


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The ranked missions will have you take on objectives such as “perform a headshot X amount of times,” which come with various rewards upon completion. The picture on the right gives us a look at the card system, where you can power up cards, then use them in card fights.



You can pick between the male or female protagonist. They’re solitary mercenaries who’ve been employed to fight for Japan. After getting involved in some incident with the “Branch” they become what’s known as “Regenerators”.


While the protagonists don’t speak much, they have a strong sense of justice, and fight for what they believe in.



The above is an unnamed mysterious girl who encounters the protagonist. She doesn’t speak much either, and doesn’t even have her own will, but as you advance through the story, she changes little bit at a time.


Judas Code is expected to be released sometime this Summer in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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