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Jump Force Shares A Closer Look At Hunter x Hunter’s Biscuit Krueger And Her True Form



    We recently got a first look at Hunter x Hunter’s Double-Star Stone Hunter Biscuit Krueger in Jump Force, and Bandai Namco has followed-up and shared her first screenshots for a closer look.



    Biscuit Krueger fights in her younger form for the most part, and has abilities like “Mood to Mess You Up” which starts as a rush attack to a combo beat down, and “Matoi/Ko” that powers up her Nen on the spot.



    Her “Trained Muscles” ability is a powerful counter attack that can send opponents flying.




    Her Ultimate Technique, called “Doesn’t Get Bulkier Than This” and it starts out with an uppercut from younger Biscuit who approaches while transforming into her true form for a powerful attack. Keep in mind that the attack names are from the Japanese version of the game, so we’ll likely get the official names in the near future.


    [Update: More screenshots added]


    60352713_10157143541115629_3519112193058537472_n 60345418_10157143541085629_6065709615524347904_n


    60526106_10157143541630629_6368452316802056192_n 60616559_10157143541620629_8660339066010599424_n

    60588637_10157143541755629_3411457536409206784_n 60357820_10157143541840629_8070282392868225024_n


    60511158_10157143542005629_1468541582989852672_n 60267149_10157143542135629_5571886542256865280_n 60385363_10157143542115629_6520129619436240896_n 60444558_10157143542185629_3005881317926633472_n


    Jump Force is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition to Biscuit, several other characters including Hitsugaya, Majin Buu, and Trafalgar Law were announced as other upcoming DLC characters as part of the Character Pass.

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