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Jump Force’s New Patch Improves Stability And Gameplay, Adds New Costumes



Jump Force just got its Update Version 1.07 that implemented some changes based on user feedback, including stability improvement, battle adjustments, new costumes, and more.


Here are the patch notes for Jump Force Update Version 1.07:

  • Addition of clan counter
  • Addition of online event “vertex”
  • Adjustment of the search range of the match rule “close rank” of rank match
  • Number of times of communication disconnection during online battle Adjust the content of the penalty due to (addition of matching time penalty)
  • Addition of costumes that can be purchased at the shop counter
  • Adjustment of the battle part
  • Improvement of the stability of operation


[Continuous support items] The following items will be improved and updated over the medium and long term, including after release:

  • Reduction of loading time
  • Improvement of battle ・ Adjustment
  • Improvement of online/offline lobby function
  • Other requests from customers for improvement



Jump Force is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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