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This Jumping Game’s DLC Theme Packs Meet Our Approval



Did you ever wonder if there was a gaping hole in your 2D platforming life that needed to be filled? One that wasn’t, perchance, filled by Mario? Or perhaps you’re the type who prefers a little bit of Super Meat Boy in their platform gaming-on-the-go? Well my young jumper, Instant Jump Approval is what you need in your life.


As Mister J, all you have to do is get to the exit button before time runs out. There’s none of this looking for stars or getting sidetracked by secrets – it’s all about the mad dash to the finish line. There are no enemies, too – just lots of annoying obstacles and other forms of environmental hazards that are there to stymie progress.


This is actually a sequel a little-known DSi Ware title called Jump Trials but does feature improved graphics and new powerups such as a triple-jump shoes or levitator boots. You’ll be able to play in regular, challenge and course attack modes.


But that’s not what you clicked into this post to see, and I saved this for last for a specific purpose. Because feast your eyes… On THIS.


chara03_01 chara03_02 chara03_03


Yes, thine eyes do not lie. While Instant Jump Approval was made by developers GStyle, they also had developers Iosys throw in a special theme pack (Which is separate downloadable content, just to be clear) that puts them in the game as… yeah. These packs have their own additional levels, musics and so forth.


Ok, ok, I hear a lot of screaming and pitchfork waving. Have something slightly less scarring on the eyes one from Little Berries. (Below) Yeah, that one’s much better.


chara01_01 chara01_02 chara01_03


Instant Jump Approval will be a Nintendo 3DS eShop title releasing November 27th.


chara04_01 chara04_02