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Just Like Dragon Quest IV, Psaro Can Join You As An Ally In Dragon Quest Heroes



As previously reported, Dragon Quest Heroes is getting several free DLCs, which turns boss characters from the series into playable heroes. V-Jump shares a first look at Dragon Quest IV’s Psaro in action in their recent gameplay video.


Some of you may remember Psaro, the tragic villain from Dragon Quest IV with way too many forms in his final fight. In Dragon Quest Heroes, he’ll make an appearance through the “Demon Fencer Battle” DLC, and similar to Dragon Quest IV, you’ll get to recruit him afterwards.


The action starts at around the 3:22 mark of the video, where a party of the protagonist Acht, Maya, Jessica, and Yangus, team up to fight Psaro and a few of his minions.


It’s always a good strategy to first take out the smallfry in any Dragon Quest game, which the V-Jump players try to do, but end up having some trouble with just one Yggdrasil Leaf remaining early on in the fight.


Unfortunately, the players failed in the fight against Psaro, but they say that they mainly wanted to just show the fight, so you guys can see how difficult it is (and how they’ll beat it on their own later).


Next, at 7:15, you get to see a little bit of Psaro in action. He’s unlocked by winning against him in the fight, and dishes out some powerful moves on the battlefield. In addition to his powerful two-handed sword attacks and magic, he can also erase buffs from enemies, and can also transform, which you can see at around 9:38.


The Demon Fencer Battle + Sub-Story: Jessica and Yangus will release in Japan on March 12. Dragon Quest Heroes will release in the west sometime this year for PlayStation 4.

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