Kaden Shojo Is Like KanColle, But With Household Appliance Girls



While Kantai Collection have girls based on different battleships and cruisers, Aniplex Mobile’s latest game, Kaden Shojo, has girls based on various household appliances with Puzzle & Dragons-like gameplay. Here’s a closer look at the mobile game.


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As far as battles go, you’ll fight by lining up, deleting, and charging various orbs and icons, similar to Puzzle & Dragons. Besides the cute household appliance girls, what sets it apart are the side stories that unravel by advancing through the game.


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The above images show some of the girls, including ones based off cameras, washing machines, intercoms, toasters, stereo speakers, water-cooled computers, cappuccino makers, webcams, fans, and lithium ion batteries.



There are over 100 household appliance girls, all with their own original voices. Kaden Shojo is currently available in Japan for Android, and will release on iPhones later.

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