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Kadokawa Games Says Not To Worry About Reco Love And Photo Kano


Reco Love

We reported yesterday that developer Dingo appears to be going bankrupt, which has been then proved to be legitimate. Publisher Kadokawa Games shared a few words about some of their IP that the developers were working on before closing its doors.


It started out with rumors on 2chan, which was then followed up by some Internet detective work where someone went to check out Dingo’s office in Shibuya, Tokyo, only to find a notice letter of the company closing its doors.


Since then, Dingo has officially filed for bankruptcy with a debt of 340 million yen (a little over $3 million). Now that it’s official, Kadokawa Games’ producer Ichiro Sugiyama shared a few words on Reco Love’s Twitter account to talk about Photo Kano and Reco Love, two IPs that were being handled by Dingo prior to shutting down.


“We’ve confirmed that Dingo, who worked on development on titles such as Photo Kano and Reco Love for the past 7 years, is shutting down operations. I feel that it is truly unfortunate. As for the copyright of Photo Kano and Reco Love, they’re all under Kadokawa. Therefore, you have no worries about their future. Please look forward to it.”


He also had a bit to share about Reco Love DLC and his current work for the title:


“The DLC for Reco Love has settled, and I’m starting by writing its scenario. I have contact with the main staff, and will do my best to satisfy everyone using my experience from Photo Kano and Reco Love.”


Reco Love is available in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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