Kaiju No 8 is Getting an Anime Adaptation

Kaiju No 8 Anime

Toho Animation announced it is producing an anime adaptation of Kaiju No 8. A new teaser trailer gives fans a brief glimpse at how the anime adaptation may look and feel. Furthermore, a new official website, as well as an English Twitter account for the anime adaptation, has appeared. Toho Animation has not confirmed the animation studio for the adaptation.

Kaiju No 8, also known as Monster #8, is a popular science-fiction kaiju manga series in Japan. The story follows Kafka Hibino, a member of a kaiju clean-up crew of sorts, who dreams of becoming a part of the Third Division defense force. After gaining the ability to shape-shift into a Kaiju, Kafka is determined to join the Third Division with the help of one of his childhood friends.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show any footage of the actual anime. Instead, it’s a collection of black and white photos and animations of various streets in Tokyo, with audio hinting at some sort of Kaiju attack. The final seconds of the video reveal smoke clouds and a creature in the distance, before cutting to black.

The manga series first appeared on the Shonen Jump + app for free in July 2020. As of writing, Kaiju No 8 has seven volumes in publication. The author of the series, Naoya Matsumoto, is a Shonen Jump veteran and has had his works serialized in the magazine since 2009.

You can check out the Kaiju No 8 anime teaser trailer in the video below:

Kaiju No 8 is available to read on Shonen Jump + for free in Japan. Viz Media is handling the English release. If you’re interested in learning more about the series, you can check out our review of the first volume.

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