Kain Highwind Jumps Into Action In Dissidia Final Fantasy’s Latest Footage



Kain Highwind recently joined Dissidia Final Fantasy as part of the arcade game’s July 28 update and Dengeki jumped right into action to demonstrate the Final Fantasy IV character’s moves in their latest video.


According to Dengeki, Kain is well-balanced in both close and long-ranged Brave Attacks, and he doesn’t have too many tricky movements, so he’s a very beginner-friendly character. They say that after using characters like Squall and Lightning, he was a piece of cake to use along with being a Speed-type character, which helps out.


At the start of a fight, it’s recommended to use Kain’s dash Brave attacks “Tornado” or “Cyclone,” and to dash in using “Piercing Lance” or “Penetrate” whenever you see an opening.


As for Kain’s EX-Skill “Jump,” Dengeki recommends charging the meter until you get “Jump III.” It has a bit of a long cooldown, but it makes for a very powerful and useful ability.


The HP attack in “Gungnir” is available from the start, along with the “Dragon Tusk Dragon Claw” that can be used at C.LV2, and the Brave attacks are all said to be easy to use.


Dissidia Final Fantasy is currently available for arcades in Japan.

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