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Kamen Rider: Travelers Record Has A Boatload Of Costumes To Pick From


Developer 7th Chord looks intent on providing options for all kinds Kamen Rider fans to pick from, by ensuring each of the Heisei period Kamen Riders starring in upcoming side-scrolling RPG Kamen Rider: Travelers Record will have at least two of their transformation options available.



Kamen Rider 000 for instance, will have both the Tatoba and Putotyra Combos (above), while Wizard lets him switch between his base Rider outfit and Infinity Style. (below)



That’s a total of about 8 “different” Riders and abilities to play around with—from Kamen Riders 000, Fourze, Wizard and W. Oh, and we haven’t included Kamen Rider: Gaim, which we know is being included in Travelers Record. Check out the Rider screenshots we do have, though, below.


Kamen Rider: Travelers Records comes out for the Nintendo 3DS November 28th in Japan.


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