PlayStation Vita

KanColle Kai Footage Shows Off Its Live2D Character Interaction And Battles



After numerous delays, Kantai Collection’s PlayStation Vita game, KanColle Kai, is finally releasing in Japan on February 18. Twitter user @Tyris_F provides us with a look at some gameplay from an early copy of the game.


The above gives us a look at some of the character interaction and how it moves. Keep in mind that during battles the characters aren’t shown moving the same way they would at home port.


The above clip gives us a look at the aerial warfare.


The next footage shows us a bit of its nighttime battles. You’ll have the option to skip battle scenes before going into battle.


Here’s what the battle indication screen looks like if you skip battle animations. The Tyris_F notes that the goal was to make it simple, but is disappointed that it doesn’t even show anything for the names of the enemies.


Nonetheless, skipping battle animations definitely speeds up the process. Tyris_F says that he still wishes they put in a little more work on the UI here.


Poke, poke.


And finally, here’s the fan-favorite heavy destroyer, Shimakaze.


KanColle Kai will release in Japan on February 18, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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