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Kandagawa Jet Girls Details Jet Races, Customization, Modes; Releases January 16, 2020 In Japan



Marvelous announced that its upcoming action racing game Kandagawa Jet Girls, by the Senran Kagura and Valkyrie Drive developers, releases in Japan on January 16, 2020. Here are new screenshots and details.


The story of Kandagawa Jet Girls takes place in a world where “Jet Rae” is a major sport. The sport requires a “Jetter” who controls the machine and a “Shooter” that uses a watergun to shoot opponents.



Rin Namiki looks to follow the steps of her mother, a legendary Jetter, as a Jetter herself, and heads to Tokyo where she meets a cool beauty named Misa Aoi as her partner. The two continue to bond together as they race against rivals.


Here are some details on the game modes:


Story Mode


Story Mode tells a story that focuses on the protagonist Rin Namiki, with a story that is different from the TV anime version. The original story also features all the rival girls as lead characters.




The gameflow is split into two parts. The first is Adventure Part that features a story exclusive to the PS4 game.





The Jet Race part takes you through various courses in the near-future Tokyo setting, where you’ll take on rivals to aim for the top.


Free Mode


Free Mode allows you to freely race against CPU characters. You can also check out Time Attack to work on your racing game, or compete in Time Attack Mode with others in the online rankings.


Online Mode


Online Mode is a competitive mode that allows for four-player versus. You can play Casual Matches to have fun with friends or Ranked Matches to aim for the top of the rankings.


Here are the two different modes that are part of the Action Race:


Jetter Mode

img_jetter02 img_jetter03

img_jetter04 img_jetter05


Boost and drift your way through courses in Jetter Mode.


Jetter Mode

img_shooter01 img_shooter02

img_shooter03 img_shooter04


Pick up and use powerful weapons in Shooter Mode.


There’s a total of eight standard courses. These courses change based on difficulty and time, and there are several original courses you won’t see in the anime. Here are a couple courses:


img_akihabara01 img_akihabara02

4535506303073_7 img_story-race03

img_akihabara05 img_akihabara06



img_kandagawa01 img_kandagawa02

img_kandagawa03 img_kandagawa04

img_kandagawa05 img_kandagawa06


There are over 60 different costumes to customize the girls to your liking. In addition to costumes, customization options allow for different hairstyles, hair color, skin color, accessories, and more.


img_dressroom02 img_dressroom03

img_dressroom04 img_dressroom05




Kandagawa Jet Girls releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 16, 2020. You can check out a trailer for its anime in our previous report and a closer look at the characters here.

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