PlayStation 4

Kandagawa Jet Girls Trailer Shows Off Character Pairs And Speedy Action Racing Gameplay



Marvelous released a new trailer for its upcoming speedy action racing game, Kandagawa Jet Girls, with a look at some gameplay and its many characters put into teams of two.


In Kandagawa Jet Girls you have teams consisting of a “Jetter” that controls the jet ski and a “Shooter” that uses a water gun to shoot down enemies. The main character is Rin Namiki who wishes to follow the steps of her mother, a legendary Jetter. She pairs up with a cool beauty named Misa Aoi and aims for the top.


Kandagawa Jet Girls releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 16, 2020. Check our previous report for more details on the jet races, customization, modes, and more.

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