Kara no Shoujo: The Second Episode Focuses On Both Past And Present


Kara no Shoujo: The Second Episode is split into two portions—the present and the past. Not much is known about the past—not even exactly how many years back it is—but two characters from the game’s past have been revealed via its official website.



The first is a beautiful kimono-clad girl named Satsuki (above). She came to Hitogata Village as a “guest,” and is described as silent and slightly naïve.


The second is Nanako Sawashiro, a doctor at the Kuroya [pronounciation subject to change] Hospital with a cheerful, optimistic personality that brings light to the hearts of the people around her. As such, she is the darling of the village. Unfortunately, she also seems to have been harassed by the owner of the hospital. In the present, she’s still at the hospital despite past occurrences and  seems happy about being treated as one of the family.


Tying it to the first game, In the present of Kara no Shoujo: The Second Episode, several familiar locales make a return.


Locations confirmed in the game include the Tokisaka Detective Agency (which is at least now kept somewhat clean with one person living there), the Ouba Girl’s Academy where the entire incident from the previous game had taken place, the Café Moon World that Reiji frequents, and the Kuchiki Hospital, formerly the Kuchiki Pathological Research Institute, which had dropped its research aspect completely.


Characters from the present include a slew of returning characters from Kara no Shoujo. There’s Chizuru Kuchiki, who occasionally receives reports from Reiji Tokisaka about the progress of the search for her missing daughter; Fumiya Kuchiki, Touko’s uncle and the current director of the Kuchiki Hospital and still as cooperative with Reiji as ever; Kyoko Hazuki, Reiji’s childhood friend and the owner of the Café Moon World, who also constantly receives letters from Det. Kyouzo Uozumi; and Ryouichi Yaginuma, the officer who summoned Reiji to the case in the first place.


One of the new characters from the present is Touji Aoki (right), a freelance journalist located in Ueno. She was introduced to Reiji by Ryouichi for the investigation into the religious faction. She was also one of the forces behind the resolution of the Ueno Dissections Serial Killings that had taken several years prior. Despite this, though, she doesn’t trust the police or Ryouichi.


Finally, a strange new character called only the “Takoyaki Stand Owner” is in the game as well. He has always lived by Ueno and is a mysterious figure that only appears at his stand. Not much is known about him at all.


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