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Kat From Gravity Rush Is Getting A New Figure, And She Looks Good



Gravity Rush heroine Kat recently made a couple guest appearances in Ragnarok Odyssey Ace’s latest DLC, and also the free-to-play PlayStation Vita game Destiny of Spirits. It looks like she’ll also be making an appearance in the form of two different figures later this Summer. (Thanks, Hokanko-Alt.)


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According to the report, this highly-detailed figure of Kat will be going for 9,500 yen (plus tax). The above is a look at the standard version, where she’s dressed in her regular clothing and an apple in hand.



The above is a look at the limited edition “White Kat,”  where she sports a white version of her costume, and has a soft serve ice cream to go with a wink.


Both Kat figures will be released sometime in September

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