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Katanakami Introduces How War Can Improve Business and ‘Thousand Customers’ Mode


Yesterday, Acquire and Spike Chunsoft revealed more details on Way of the Samurai spinoff Katanakami, including how the war between three factions can help katana-forging business, and a rare ‘Thousand Customers’ mode that can sometimes happen. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The protagonist of the game decides to help manage business for the katana blacksmith Gunji Dojima, who is currently under a lot of debt, and sell katanas to the three clans vying for control of Rokkotsu Pass.

You’re able to check the katanas ordered by the three factions from the Records at the smithy, and send them the requested katana. If there aren’t enough katanas, you’re able to spend materials gathered in the other world to forge them at the forge. You can also change the direction of what sort of katana Gunji makes.

Of course, paying back the debt is key too. Use the rewards from selling the ordered katanas to pay back debt on the days of payment. If you aren’t able to reach the required amount by the day of payment, you’ll need to put your heart into apologizing. Needless actions might cause the debt collector to increase your debt.

From the records, you can tell the current status between the three factions, as well as their satisfaction towards your smithy. If wariness towards other factions rises, orders with increased rewards will be placed. Wariness increases when the factions have a markedly large difference in combat strength, and if it reaches a certain high, that faction will begin preparing for war. When preparing for war, katana orders will come quicker, and quality checking won’t be as strict.

You’re able to manipulate this by only supplying katanas to a certain faction, or stop supplying weapons to a certain faction, essentially controlling the beginnings of war.

‘Thousand Customers’ Mode

When combat strength of a certain clan goes up, they’ll reach certain targets set by the factions. When the targets are reached, you’ll enter ‘Thousand Customers’ Mode, where a large amount of customers will swarm towards the smithy. You’ll earn money for each customer entering the store, and the debt collector won’t come during this mode.

Katanakami releases on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 20, 2020. Check out how to use the Way of the Samurai series’ dogeza pose in our previous report here.

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