psone.jpgSony placed four addition classics in the archives section on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Spryo the Dragon leads the list, probably because he is the most recognizable name on the succinct four title selection.


Addie no Okurimono is probably the most obscure. The title is a puzzle game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment that gives players a Da Vinci Code-like toy to spell words. As seen in the screenshot the rotating letter toy uses the Roman alphabet, strange for a game designed for Japan. There is a story behind the game too, which involves wandering in people’s dreams. Interesting, but Addie no Okurimono doesn’t seem worth 600 yen to try out. 


The other two games are from Victor Interactive. Kawa no Nushi Tsuri is an entry in the Legend of River King fishing RPG series and Gakkou wo Tsukurou is a pre-Bully school simulation game.


Here’s the rundown in handy list format, each game costs 600 yen:

Spyro the Dragon

Addie no Okurimono

Gakkou wo Tsukurou

Kawa no Nushi Tsuri

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