Even if your Accessory partners are there to make sure you don’t break any rules as a Prisoner, they’re valuable allies on the battlefield, nonetheless. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares more on the dangers of “Volunteer” missions and making items. (Thanks, Game Jouhou.)


Players can acquire new items by making various facilities. There are also special facilities called “Plants” used by the Criminals, which come in four different types. From there, different weapons and items are created.


Not only will the Plants produce items, but later on they will also have features that allow for enhancements and for adding “modulars”. The citizens you save can be selected as a chief for the Plants.



The above is a look at a flying-type Abductor called Dione.


Fighting against the Abductors can be quite dangerous, and your android buddies, called Accessories, will help out in any way they can; however, they can also be kidnapped by the Abductors, just like any other citizen.


If it looks like they’re about to be kidnapped, you can save them by destroying the cage within a certain time limit. Should you fail at doing so, a different kind of Volunteer mission will occur, which could possibly be a way to get your Accessory partner back.


Freedom Wars is slated for release on June 26, 2014 in Japan and at a later date in North America for PlayStation Vita.

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