In Keeper & The Soldier, Find Friendship In A World Twisted By Endless War



A young girl, destined to become a soldier in a world where people have become twisted by years of war, instead finds the Keeper, a striking and lonely creature that exists in the forests surrounding her city. Together, they will find the lost archives of humanity, giving the girl’s race a chance at rebuilding before the Keeper’s life fades in Keeper and the Soldier.


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Keeper and the Soldier is a narrative-driven puzzle platformer, tasking players with  exploring the world’s environments as Emi, a little girl. Emi will gain new abilities over the course of the game, opening up new routes through old lands she’s previously explored, letting her collect further items and tools she needs on her journey to find the archives.




Emi may become a soldier in the future, but she isn’t one now, so she will need to hide from enemies or distract them to survive. She can also use some of her abilities and the environments around her to stay away from the beings who wish to stop her.




Keeper and the Soldier is set to release in 4th quarter 2017 and is now raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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