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Keeping Trillion: God Of Destruction’s Overlords Happy Is Critical



Trillion: God of Destruction is basically a Princess Maker or Idolmaster game, except you’re raising an Overlord instead of a princess or pop star. Like other games in the genre, making sure your Overlord likes Zeabolos, the Great Overlord, is a big deal. Part of this is due to the desire to chase after a specific ending. There are about 10 in the game, after all, and character’s emotions play a part. But there’s a more important reason to keep these characters happy. Keeping close to the characters and maintaining adequate Affection Point levels keeps them alive.


Affection Points may seem like an odd concept, but you’ll quickly learn to appreciate them in Trillion: God of Destruction. They’re tapped into before health or mana is expended. While this is a helpful buffer in the Valley of the Swords excursions and Mokujin battles, they’re most important in Trillion fights. As long as you have Affection Points left and retreat opportunities available, the Overlord can be called back from a battle against Trillion. Since the experience points earned from training may be better pumped into attack, defense, resistance, and speed stats, it’s very possible an Overlord’s health or mana points may not rise very high. You need that cushion Affection Points provide.


Which means constantly appeasing the Overlord. After a Trillion fight, your Affection Points will decrease. They go down based on how many you had to expend in the kerfuffle. So, even though the Overlord lives to fight another day and gets a chance to further train, you still have to keep earning their affection to ensure you have that buffer in place. Personally, I don’t recommend sending any Overlord out with less than 40,000k of Affection.




Keeping the Affection Points high, however, can be rather trying. Yes, there are some “gimmes.” Fighting Mokujin each week gives you at least 2,000 Affection Points. Using items, like vitamins, offers a brief boost. In order to guarantee substantial growth, you need to give gifts from the Underworld Prize Machine and Interact with the Overlords.


The Underworld Prize Machine is a gacha machine. Pretty much each day after training, you receive one token for it. 100 gifts are available, with some items offering special events for specific Overlords. These are obvious, as a special jingle will play when an important gift is received, and there are two for each Overlord. When given to the appropriate Overlord, they’ll offer a 25% affection increase, as well as 1,000k worth of Affection Points. You can give three gifts a day, which is a huge help even when the gift isn’t one of her favorites. The downside is, a disliked gift will decrease the overall percentage in the gauge.


Knowing which special gift goes with what character is a huge help. Levia gets the White Hair Accessory and Demon Macaron. The Ultimate Lock Pick is for Mammon. Perpell will always want the Super 3D Book. Ashmedia gets the Midnight Death and Pheromone Perfume. Ruche wants the Rose Doll, even if she acts like she doesn’t. Fegor gets the Flaming Moxibustion. Constantly checking the Gift Guide is a big help, since it’ll record characters’ reactions to items. The most “popular” general item I’ve seen is the Sentimental Jerky, as three Overlords had a yellow heart reaction (higher than a blue heart reaction, but lower than the ultimate pink reaction) to it. Though, most also liked the Silver Comb, which is a gift for a spoiler character later on.




The Interaction command, under Rest, is important too. Getting to 100% affection prior to Interacting will spawn some unique events between Zeabolos and the Overlords. Each one has a side story that goes over the relationship between the Great Overlord and Overlord. With Mammon, you learn more about her life before becoming an Overlord. Ashmedia and Zeabolos plant something in the castle garden together. Here, I recommend visiting at least until you get a special CG. Each Overlord has one with Zeabolos. You’ll get at least 3,000k Affection Points from these moments, sometimes more, and a slight decrease in Fatigue to boot.


One thing you absolutely want to do is, at the very least, get as many Overlords to 100% as possible. Trillion: God of Destruction has a “last resort” Gem of Love. If the Overlords all fall in battle, you can use this item to revive one loved one. This story event and option will only happen if at least one character has 100% affection with Zeabolos, so make sure you keep visiting and giving characters gift.


It’s easy to forget to keep Affection Points high. You’ll realize this as you play and get caught up in the fight against Trillion. Building up stats is such a critical part of the game that socializing might seem like a waste of time in comparison. Never think that. Always make sure you talk and give gifts to the Overlords. The game is hard enough without that Affection Point buffer. Don’t do anything that could take away an advantage.


Trillion: God of Destruction is immediately available for the PlayStation Vita in North America. It will be available in Europe on April 1, 2016.

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