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Who Keeps Leaving These Anonymous Note RPG Chapters Lying Around?



Anonymous Notes: Chapter 4 – From the Abyss – is the final chapter in the top-down, old-school roguelike hack’n’slash RPG series from developers Sonic Powered for the Nintendo DSi.


Chapters 1-3 are available on DSiWare and the Nintendo eShop in North America, and chapter 4 will be released in Japan on December 11th.



The nominal storyline in Chapter 4 follows Nomu, as she searches for her elder brother who’s disappeared while out adventuring—likely the dude in the past three games. And then we kinda forget all about that as we dive repeatedly into dungeons full of loot and monsters.



As a roguelike RPG, the dungeons just keep going, no matter how many times you die or delve in deeper. Always randomly generated, they’ll nonetheless slowly lead you to and through a form of storyline. Scattered throughout though are portals that appear to take you to boss fights. In order to gain new skills to complement the weapons you’ll wield is a mechanic called Soul Capture, where you literally steal the souls of monsters in order to learn new magics, skills and ways to boost your gear.


The bottom touch screen controls will have your backpack inventory, from which you can select a skill or magic to use or tie it to a button.



Anonymous Notes is also a pretty basic game, so don’t come in expecting anything more than the ability to bash foes and dodge attacks on your way to the exit with a veneer of RPG shine on it in a basic level-up system. However, those who have save data previous Anonymous chapters can port them over if you have them—which will bring over weapons, skills and items. Having cleared the previous works and completed certain objectives will also unlock a secret level where you can fight bosses from the previous games.



Anonymous Notes: Chapter 4 – From the Abyss will be out on DSiWare and the Nintendo 3DS eShop 11th December. You can check out the previous chapters on the eShop here.