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Keithgriff And Homura Look Like A Fun Duo In Atelier Shallie



With characters from other recent titles of the series, it’ll be interesting to see how they react with each other in Atelier Shallie: The Alchemists of the Dusk Sea, like Keithgriff from Atelier Ayesha and the new quirky Homuncus buddy, Homura. They do just that in the latest video footage.


At 2:06, Keithgriff shows his interest in Homura’s earlier conversation with the girls, as he explains that he’s also searching for the truth, perhaps talking about the alchemy of the past in order to find out more about the Dusk, as previously reported.


After acknowledging that they’re both after the same thing, Keith then shares a proposition with Homura… if he could do a little “research” on his body, as he’s never seen a homunculus such as Homura.


While he claims that it’s for the purpose of getting closer to the truth, it doesn’t look like Homura will be having any of that!


Atelier Shallie: The Alchemists of the Dusk Sea will release in Japan on July 17, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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