Kemco Opens Up Pre-Registrations For Its Biggest Smartphone JRPG Yet



    Kemco has opened up pre-registrations for its next smartphone RPG. It’s called Asdivine Dios and is due out for Android in early August with an iOS version to follow.


    The game builds upon Asdivine Hearts and Kemco claims that it’s of an impressive size, not just for the series, but for its entire library of JRPGs. According to the company, Asdivine Dios has a “voluminous story, an expansive world, treasure filled dungeons, exciting battles, weapon creation, and more.”


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    Kemco also claims that the beauty of the original game’s 2D artwork has been retained but “some of the most fluid character motion and bold effects ever seen in a handheld RPG” have been added. Plus, the game is said to have limitless enemies and loot, loads of subquests, and even extra bosses to take on.


    Asdivine Dios is about battling against an “ever spreading murk” that threatens to destroy the realm of Asdivine. Izayoi, the deity of Asdivine, vows to stand against this evil for the world that he created with his own hands, however, he’s suffering from the loss of his own divine powers. Presumably, this is where your party of heroes will step in, looking to save the day.

    Chris Priestman

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