Kemco Reckons That Tears Revolude Is Ideal For JRPG Amateurs And Veterans Alike


Kemco has released the English version of Tears Revolude, a command-based RPG, on Android. You can purchase it on Google Play.


It has you playing a young man who goes on search for the final works by a unique artist named Orwiel. Along the way, he encounters a strange woman called Liara, and ventures with her to find her lost memories. Soon after the adventure diverts into another direction.




Tears Revolude combines 3D dungeon crawling with turn-based fighting with lots of visual effects. The dungeon crawling phases are played from an isometric perspective but there’s also a small window in the corner that gives you a first-person view. The enemy positions in these dungeons are clearly marked so that you can avoid them or engage them if you wish.


It’s for design choices like those in its dungeon crawling and the easy-to-understand command-based battling system that Kemco calls Tears Revolude suitable for amateurs and veterans. Speaking of which, the battles themselves have you using normal attacks most of the time but you’ll mainly be looking to fill up your SP gauge in order to unleash a much bigger attack. You can buy more of these special attacks from the blacksmith. The game also has four levels of difficulty.

Chris Priestman