Kemco Wants To Bring Kitten Gods To Steam With Asdivine Hearts


Kemco seems determined to turn into a studio that develops games for multiple platforms. After years of exclusively making smartphone RPGs, last year the Japanese studio branched out by bringing Alphadia Genesis to Wii U and Steam.


Now, this year, it’s encroaching further into PC territory by bringing Asdivine Hearts to Steam as well. All that’s required is for the game to acquire enough votes on Steam Greenlight and it should be published on Valve’s store.


And yes, Asdivine Hearts was previously released on iOS and Android – it hasn’t been made specifically for PC. Presumably, the touch controls have been reconfigured for mouse and keyboard, at least.


Oh, and if you’re trying to remember which one of Kemco’s countless RPGs Asdivine Hearts is, it’s the one with the playable god that appears as a kitten with two tails.

Chris Priestman