Kemco’s First Strategy RPG Legend Of Ixtona Is Now Available On iOS Too



After launching it on Android back in September, Kemco has now released its first strategy RPG Legend of Ixtona for iOS, and it’s available for a discounted price for a short while. You can purchase it for $3.99 down from $8.99 during its launch period on the App Store.


Legend of Ixtona focuses on large-scale isometric turn-based battles, mixing melee and ranged attacks across blades and magic, all of which is determined by your characters’ classes. It also lets you create your own main and hired characters at the start with more classes (and therefore abilities) being unlocked for them as you level up your characters and remix their skillsets.


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The story has you helping out Kyle, the prince of Ixtona, as he tries to win a battle that will determine the fate of the kingdom he has acquired during a time of devious plots and conspiracies. As part of this , you can invest in a village to increase research into new weapons and armor that you can take into battles.

Chris Priestman