Kemco’s Latest RPG Bucks Its Usual Trend By Being An SRPG


Kemco is probably pretty well known around here for their traditional-style, small party-based RPGs. Their latest mobile release Legend of Ixtona bucks the trend by being an SRPG instead, with large turn-based battles.

Players will be able to create their own characters for their perfect party, and as you advance more classes will unlock. In addition, Ixtona takes a leaf out of Final Fantasy Tactics by letting players mix and match some of their skills for your own personalized unit.

You can even upload these units online. There’s a decent range of different races, including mermaids, beastmen and even a flying robot thingy called Xenoseed.

Battles are turn-based affairs, but this is still mobile and Kemco, so don’t go expecting jaw-dropping graphical effects. You can see a sample of how battle plays out here. Allies can also combine together to perform special attacks.

Back in your village, you’ll be able to send troops off to search for materials and research and upgrade the village for better items and other unlocks.

Legend of Ixtona is out now on Android.