Kemco’s Soul Historica Features Multiple Paths And Endings



Kemco’s new RPG, Soul Historica, employs a multiple path system. The multiple branching option below hints to where important decisions lie, although it doesn’t seem like there’s any time-travel involved, unlike games such as Radiant Historia.



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Our hero is York, a captain in the Monster Eradication Order of Knights. Early on in the game, he loses the love of his life. Except there now appears to be someone who looks exactly like her with amnesia. Decisions you make in the RPG will alter the ending you get.




Soul Historica’s battle system uses a system called Soul Cage. Everyone, including your own folks, has a soul that can be stolen and then locked into a Soul Cage. Combining different souls together will create classes for characters to adopt, in a semi-freeform class system.


Soul Historica is out now on Android.