Kemco’s Unconventional Turn-Based Battles In Dark Seven Uses Gestures And Dice Rolls



Kemco’s latest mobile RPG is called Dark Seven, and it’s now available on Android at the full price of $7.99.


Most unusual about it is the game’s combat system. It’s turn-based, so no surprises there, but it adds more action-based requirements to be successful. First off, arrows appear on the screen that you can swipe to increase damage output and for critical attacks. There are also some attacks that allow you to attack continuously providing you can keep up with the gesture-based demands.



Secondly, there’s a dice system that enables “Limit Abilities” during battles – this is in place to ensure that the outcome of these powerful moves are left to chance. But before you can do unleash these abilities you need to fill up the gauge. This is done by matching the number in the upper middle of the screen with the numbers that appear next to each action. The number that you have to match changes every now and then so you have to keep an eye out for this and change your attack patterns to fill the gauge efficiently.


As to Dark Seven’s plot, it’s about a man suffering from amnesia, but who can remember the name of one girl. When he finds a stranger with that name he follows her to find out the secret of the seven paintings that sent the world into chaos.

Chris Priestman