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Kemono Friends 3 PlayStation Version Shut Down After Long Maintenance

Kemono Friends 3 no longer available on PlayStation 4 and 5

Kemono Friends 3 is no longer available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Appirits announced that it had decided to cease its service for the console port of the free-to-play mobile and PC browser title. The game was playable for only ten days before the team had to put it into an indefinite maintenance period due to an issue that turned out to be unfixable.

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Appirits launched the PlayStation 4 version of Kemono Friends 3 with PS5 backwards compatibility support on June 6, 2022. But ten days later, on June 16, 2022, it put the game on an extended maintenance due to a bug where players could not login properly. The team provided an update to the maintenance on July 22, 2022, but it ultimately could never fix the issue that plagued the PlayStation port.

The PS4 port of Kemono Friends 3 was completely separated from the existing mobile and PC browser versions, so players who used the console port’s microtransactions could only obtain currency and items for that version. In its apology letter, Appirits promised full refunds to all players who have made purchases on the now-defunct port. It will provide a more thorough schedule and procedure for the refund process at a later time.

The mobile RPG Kemono Friends 3 is still available on iOS, Android, and PC via DMM Games in Japan.

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