Kenichiro Takaki Talks Cygames, Granblue, Wanting More Male Characters For His New Action Game



Senran Kagura series boobie producer Kenichiro Takaki is now at Cygames working on various projects including his own new action game. He talked about what he’s been up to in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Here are highlights from the interview:


  • “The Console Games Division was established on April 1, so it’s a division that is fresh out of the oven.”


  • “President Watanabe (Koichi Watanabe) felt my enthusiasm of wanting to make the kind of games I loved when I was a kid.”


  • “I’m the general manager of the division. I basically work together with  Cygames’ development on console game projects.”


  • I am currently working as a producer for the development of Project Awakening that was unveiled last year. For Granblue Fantasy Relink and Granblue Fantasy Versus, I’m working together with the original Granblue Fantasy team as an advisor and support.”


  • “There’s a vast number of unannounced titles in development, including titles aimed for kids to adults.”


  • “The Console Games Division is still on a smaller scale with about 10 members, and each game’s development team is connected.”


  • “Cygames is seriously aiming to become the best in the world. The Project Awakening trailer wasn’t a movie scene but actual PlayStation 4 gameplay.”


  • “We’ve been looking into next-generation consoles.”


  • “A big announcement is expected for Granblue Fantasy Versus in the near future. We plan to include a paper manual with the game. If you want to leave an impression for gamers, you have to be courteous. Granblue Fantasy Relink’s development is going well.”


  • I’m currently working together with Nan Yaegashi-san (Senran Kagura character designer) on a new action game.” It’s not going to be something sexy. (Illustration of a male character shown) Well, it might end up being something sexy.”


  • “I want it to have more male characters than girls.”


  • “Cygames is using its own engine. Cygames likes to go all-out when they can.”
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