Key’s Summer Pockets: Reflection Blue Sets Sight for June 26 Release Date


Visual novel maker Key announced that the updated re-release Summer Pockets: Reflection Blue will be released on June 26, 2020 in Japan.

Additionally, more information on the game is available via the official website, which is now open. The site provides profiles on the four new heroines in the game, three of which have been upgraded from sub-character status to main heroine and one who is completely new to the game.

Here are their profiles below:

Miki Nomura (CV: Saku Ichimiya)

A young girl who helps maintain order as part of the Torishirojima Public Order Executives and who will shoot anyone who disrupts order on the island with her modified water gun, the Hydro Gladiator Custom. She’s also in charge of broadcasts on the island and keeps her watchful eye on the island at all times.

During this summer vacation, she takes on a request to help out with a tourism feature for Torishirojima in a local newspaper and ends up running all over the island. She lives by herself.

Shizuku Mizuori (CV: Sahomi Koyama)

The student council president of the school on the mainland that every local student who lives on the island attends. During summer vacation, she comes to the island to meet Tsumugi. Her love, passion, and respect for boobs is infectious.

She’s often found together with Tsumugi at the lighthouse on the island. In the past, she worked together with friends to rebuild the ‘Sea Home’ on the island.

Umi Katou (CV: Aimi Tanaka)

The second cousin of the protagonist who has come to stay with the Katou family during summer vacation. She’s got an unbelievable fondness for fried rice. Despite her age, she’s quite mature, with an adult-like atmosphere.

Here and there, she acts unnecessarily harsh towards the protagonist. Every day, she sets out on a trip to some unknown place on the island for unknown purposes.

Shiki Kamiyama (CV: ???)

A travel-loving girl who has come to Torishirojima. She collects tall tales about oni around Japan and has come to visit the island to hear more about the legends of the oni that remain on the island. Although she says it’s her first time on the island, she also appears in places that islanders don’t know about.

She’s got great survival skills, especially regarding finding food to eat… or that’s supposed to be the case. Sometimes, she’s found collapsed over out of hunger. If you give her rice balls, she’ll listen to you.

Summer Pockets: Reflection Blue will be released on the PC on June 26, 2020. The game will cost 9,800 yen for the first-print version and 29,800 yen for the special edition.

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