Kill Demonic Treasure Chests In This The Spiraling Platformer


Monsieur Ratimousse seeks his missing mentor, and all leads take him to a mysterious tower bathed in red light. With no other route open, he’ll have to climb up its spinning, twisting heights, creeping up and up past hordes of living treasure chests to save his teacher in Mimic Hunter.


Players will control their rodent hero as they clamber up vines and leap across the precarious platforms that line the outside of the tower. The structure will spin around the player as they climb it, creating a dizzying twisting effect as players creep ever higher in their journey.

As they climb, mimics, in the form of living treasure chests and other creatures pretending to be other objects, will attack Ratimousse, but they can carefully lash back at the with directed high, middle, and low strikes from their sword.


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Alistair Wong
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