Kill Monsters With Words In Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey


Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey, by Bacon Bandit Games,is a combination word game and turn-based RPG that has you slaying monsters left and right.


The game puts you in the shoes of the Grim Reaper, who goes through a haunted house and kills ghosts monsters with his classic weapon of choice: his scythe. However, unlike other side-scrolling games, Letter Quest does not feature intense, fast-paced, cut-em-up action.


Instead, in order to kill your enemies, you must create words from 15 random letters that appear at the bottom of your screen. The longer the word, the more damage you will do.



For example, making the word “red” will do a tiny bit of damage, while making the word “redder” will do far more damage. Although the letters don’t need to be touching in order for you to make a word out of them, Letter Quest still finds a way to make creating words tricky. Various impairments, such as plague letters or cracked tiles, make playing some words either impossible or just out of reach.


Even though you create words to do damage, enemies will always do a set amount of damage, making the gameplay more predictable and more focused on how great of a vocabulary you have. Letter Quest also features a system of upgrades and equipment. These can be purchased through in-game gems which can either be bought with real money or found in each level.


They can also be obtained through completing various achievements or quests. Upgrades will give your character better armor, more health, or more damage, while purchasing new equipment might give you various abilities such as health steal or a greater critical damage chance.


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While each of Letter Quest’s levels are fairly short and only take a few minutes to complete, it’s worthwhile to go back to them to try to get a three-star rating. These can be obtained by first beating a level in a certain amount of time to get a two star rating, and then doing a special challenge.


The special challenge is different for each level. Sometimes has monsters will do double damage, or other times you might only be able to play two words to beat the level. After all three stars are obtained a fourth star may be pursued for each level which features a secret and even harder challenge.


Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is available on iOS and Android.