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Killer Instinct Is Back And It Feels Like 1994 All Over Again



The 2D fighter resurgence is finally complete with Killer Instinct for Xbox One. Double Helix is developing  a new Killer Instinct game which was playable at E3. The demo only had two characters Jago who is essentially a Ryu clone and Saberwulf.


When I tried Jago I assaulted the other player with Endokuken fireballs, but playing keep away wasn’t as effective as running in and doing a combo. That’s where Saberwulf seemed to have an advantage since he’s a rushdown type of fighter. It seemed the key to Killer Instinct was hitting buttons as fast as you can. Like the original Killer Instinct, the game has connectors that do two moves and extend a combo further.


You can escape a combo with a well timed Combo Breaker done by pressing LP+LK, MP+MK, or HP+HK. Why are there three combinations? Because you have to guess (or remember frames) if you opponent is doing a light, medium or heavy attack and use the proper Combo Breaker. Choose right and you escape, but if you choose wrong a "!" appears over your head and the other player can pummel you into oblivion.


Killer Instinct is easy to pick up and play, probably one of the easiest fighters to learn out there because every move just seems to connect. Microsoft will release Killer Instinct for the Xbox One’s launch.

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