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Killer Is Dead Takes Players To The Dark Side Of The Moon


Mondo Zappa’s main weapon is his sword, but Goichi Suda also gave him a cybernetic arm. In Killer is Dead, your arm is a long range weapon that transforms into a freeze gun and giant drill.


Bullet Shot fires a barrage of bullets. This rapid fire gun can also destroy objects in the background too.


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Freeze Shooter is essentially an ice gun that slows enemies down. If you keep firing ice bullets you can completely stop an enemy from moving.


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Charge Cannon is kind of like the Mega Buster. Monod inflicts more damage if he charges the gun up


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The Drill is a close range weapon that can shatter an enemy’s shield or cut through armor. You can also drill through some walls and find Scarlett or secret passages.


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Each mission in Killer is Dead plays like a standalone TV episode with a beginning, middle, and a bloody boss battle at the end. And one episode brings Mondo Zappa to the moon. Moon River, the moon goddess, who lives on the dark side of the moon comes to Earth to hire Mondo Zappa to kill David, a cruel king that ousted Maya from the moon throne. Killer is Dead is slated for release on August 1 in Japan.


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