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Killer Is Dead Will Have Mondo Fight Vicious Tigers And Robotic Ninjas.


Mondo Zappa will be facing many enemies as an assassin in Killer is Dead. Using his Final Judgment ability, he’ll be able to enhance his strength to take them on. However, he might need more than a simple boost to take on some boss characters, such as the dark matter tiger who appears from a Yakuza leader’s tattoo.


“The Tiger That Vanished Into Darkness”


Surrounded by the glow of garden lanterns, a tiger runs through the Gion district of Kyoto during a bewitchingly beautiful Spring. A single scream haunts the night sky, just as the claws of the tiger harvests a human’s neck.


Bryan had received a letter that read: “A tiger has appeared in Kyoto.”


The tiger that appeared as a tattoo, embodies itself under the influence of dark matter, as it goes wild without a single purpose. In order to execute the gang leader by the name of Hamadayama, Mondo must now head to Kyoto. The fierce battle against the yakuza who has overcome many deaths, is about to begin.



Age: 68 years old


The old-fashioned yakuza, who is daring and full of deep emotions plans on reviving old Japan in Kyoto. Under the influence of dark matter, the tiger which was originally a tattoo on his back begins to go wild without a purpose. Hamadayama agonizes as this tiger goes wild and terrorizes his beloved Kyoto.


After Bryan receives the letter, Mondo is quickly sent to work.


After destroying the raccoon ornament at the entrance, an enemy “Wires,” who’s been imitating the object, appears and attacks Mondo. The following image is that of the Japanese garden. It is said to be quite large, where Mondo will be encountering other enemies.



…Such as the “Samurai” Wires.


Mondo meets Hamadayama and it doesn’t take long for the battle to start. Just as he’s about to finish off the yakuza leader, a tiger appears out of nowhere and stops the final hit.




Additionally, Mondo will be encountering many enemies called Wires. They will come in different shapes and sizes, as some will be much tougher than the others. Here’s a look at the Samurai and Ninja themed Wires.




This Wires was created as a samurai warrior. It uses a katana and will be going after Mondo with vicious strikes and slashes. The Samurai has a rather tough defense and uses range to its advantage in combat.


Ninja Spike


The Ninja is a Wires that excels in speed and can instantaneously attack blind spots. Due to its enhanced strengths, the Ninja is superior in terms of movement speed and evasion, compared to regular ninjas.


It is said that there are several other Wires who’ve been enhanced such as the Samurai and ninja, which might mean trouble for Mondo.


Killer is Dead is slated to be released on this Summer for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America.


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