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Killer Is Dead’s Gigolo Missions Were Originally For Shadows Of The Damned



Siliconera met with Xseed and Grasshopper Manufacture to check out Killer is Dead. Goichi Suda, Director of Killer is Dead, showed off the title and one of the things we talked about was the Gigolo Missions.


The first thing I asked Suda was why does Killer is Dead have mission where Mondo tries to seduce women. I mean, this is primarily an action game about an assassin with a bionic arm that cuts up heinous criminals. "Originally, these were part of the concept for Shadows of the Damned," Suda replied. Shadows of the Damned was created by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Electronic Arts. "It was an interesting idea and I wanted to have it in one of my games and we were able to put it in Killer is Dead."


"Interesting, but Garcia goes to Hell to save Paula. That’s devotion and I think his resolve wouldn’t be as strong if he was picking up other girls in Hell," I joked. Suda laughed and added, "Shadows of the Damned was split into five different chapters. If we would have done it, gigolo mode would have been in the first three parts because the story changes afterwards."




So, what happens in the Gigolo Missions? I got to see a demo where Mondo tried to seduce Natalia aka the "Pheromone." Gigolo Missions have two meters guts (shown on the left side of the screen) and the girl’s mood (shown on the right). Leering at Natalia increases the guts, but decreases the mood. Suda explained the trick is to sneak a peek when Natalia isn’t looking. During Gigolo Missions, Natalia automatically talks and turns her head which is when Mondo’s eyes should lock on. When the guts meter is full Mondo can kneel down and give Natalia a present. The game has a bunch of different items like flowers and perfume. The type of present you give effects how many hearts Mondo earns.


You can boost the guts meter quickly by wearing x-ray glasses which lets Mondo see through a layer of clothing. This also (and we don’t understand how) lets Mondo know what kind of present a girl would like. Natalia loves jewelry so after giving her something shiny, the heart meter went to the maximum and the two had some private time. Your reward for doing this is money and enhancements for Mondo’s metallic arm.

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