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Killer Is Dead’s Premium DLC Features Vampires And Unicorns


Killer is Dead’s robotic-armed assassin, Mondo Zappa will be fighting a bunch of fierce and mysterious enemies, such as the tiger that suddenly appeared from a Yakuza leader’s tattoo. In the DLC called “Beauty & the Beast & The Lingerie,” which will be available with the premium edition of the game, Mondo will also be fighting vampires and other creatures.


The Man Who Stole Blood”



In our previous report, we introduced the red-headed female, named Betty, who showed up at the Bryan Execution Agency, while covered in blood and bandages. She makes a request that sends Mondo to a castle in Europe to take out the man that harmed her.


From the very start of the mission, things are looking quite strange. Mika is shown baffled by the fact that Betty can still move fine, regardless of appearing to be severely wounded. While Mondo approaches the castle, he encounters a unicorn who speaks to him and seems to be acquainted to the assassin. However, Mondo doesn’t have any memories of ever meeting the creature.



Age: 50

Origin: United Kingdom


Sebastian is the main target of this mission. He’s a classy gentleman who uses his charm to capture women. He seems to be heavily interested in the topic of vampires and has the ability to transform into a violent winged-beast for combat.


Instead of drinking blood, Sebastian prefers the taste of wine. He hates being bothered by people more than anything.


Mondo’s arm will come in handy for various purposes while exploring Sebastian’s castle. It can be used light up torches in the darker areas, or to stun enemies such as the above one, who was preparing to shoot a beam. The healing skill can be used to recover your health by using the blood of fallen enemies.


The castle will have plenty of obstacles and traps to stop people like Mondo from bothering Sebastian. Sometimes you might have to save your allies, such as Mika who seems to have fallen into a pitfall trap. However, Mondo’s allies will also do whatever they can to help, such as the above picture showing Bryan use his Bryan Buster ability to get rid of the bats swarming the area.


Once you approach Sebastian, he’ll immediately transform into his Wires form. He will shoot rays of light and other types of attacks from above while flying.


Sebastian can also use the face on the mid-section of his body to attack. He’ll be quite the handful to take care of, but it’ll only get tougher after decapitating him, where he’ll show his true powers…


Dark Eye


The Dark Eyes are Wires that appear floating in the air. They’re huge eyeball monsters that have a hard carapaces for their skin and armor. They can shoot dark matter powered energy for attacks. They can also summon Red Eye subordinates for back-up. Taking them out will require the use of Mondo’s arm and skills.


Red Eye


These are the subordinates that can be summoned by the Dark Eyes. It appears to float above the ground. It also has tough skin surrounding its eye, including some spikes to go with it. They often appear together with Dark Eyes.


The Red Eyes can shoot lasers with destructive powers, that will be giving Mondo a tough time. In addition, they explode upon defeat, so you’ll have to be careful around these eyes.


Killer is Dead will feature sub-missions once you’ve cleared a chapter. They will contain different objectives found in stages, such as finding presents or items for beautiful girls, or simply just to make some money. The above images shows a sub-mission that requires having to keep blue flames lit. They serve a purpose of keeping Sebastian sealed, but some bats have been trying to extinguish the flames to bring him back. Your objective will be to get rid of those bats before they can bring him back.


In this sub-mission, your goal is to scavenge the castle and find wine that Sebastian had hidden away. The more you find, the better. You might also find secret wine cellars behind walls.


In the next update, Kadokawa games will be introducing two new characters, a man who’ stares at Mondo with sharp eyes, and yet another beautiful lady.


Killer is Dead is slated for release on August 1st in Japan and a Summer release in North America for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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