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Killer Queen Black’s Differences From Killer Queen Detailed


killer queen black


During the Nintendo E3 2018 live stream, details were offered letting people know how Killer Queen Black is different from Killer Queen. As a reminder, Killer Queen Black is an upcoming Nintendo Switch real-time strategy game for eight people, where you attempt to win a match via military force, economically taking enough berries to your hive or by riding the snail to your side of the field.


Here is the list of what Killer Queen Black changes.

  • It is now a 4v4 game, instead of a 5v5 game like Killer Queen.
  • You do not need to press a button to kill.
  • Killer Queen only had one kind of weapon: a sword.
  • The Queen has horizontal and vertical dives.
  • Height is not as important in the console version.
  • The Worker Bees can throw berries, though they are not guaranteed to stick to the hive walls when thrown.
  • Characters are a bit bigger in Killer Queen Black, than in Killer Queen, to make them easier to see.
  • Killer Queen Black has local and online multiplayer, where the original Killer Queen was local-only.


The reason for the “black” in Killer Queen Black was revealed. Normally, the teams are either blue or yellow. However, there will be a single black team in the game. If you defeat the black team, your team then becomes the single black team. If you fight someone else while you are black and lose, then they take that honor from you.


Killer Queen Black will come to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Killer Queen is immediately available in select arcades in the United States.

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