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Kimi ni Todoke Getting The DS Treatment



The shojo manga and anime Kimi ni Todoke, also known as Delivered to You or From Me to You is being made into a game, courtesy of Banpresto and Bandai Namco. Even though it is due out October 15, 2009, a lot of information isn’t immediately available on the DS game. So far, it’s looking like contains a mix of adventure, visual novel and communication game elements.


The manga and anime versions of Kimi ni Todoke follows the adventure of a high school girl named Sawako Kuronuma. All her life, she’s kind of been ostracized by her classmates. She’s extremely shy, which isn’t bad on it’s own, except she also is a dead ringer for the character Sadako from The Ring. So, she’s become the target of teasing. People only call her Sadako.


When she enters high school, she discovers that her classmate Shota Kazehaya, the boy she’s had a crush on for the longest time, likes her as well. Suddenly, people aren’t treating her like Sadako the freak. They’re actually treating her like Sawako the girl. Thanks to him, she starts to open up for the first time. The series chronicles Sawako’s life as she makes friends with her fellow classmates and falls in love with Shota.


The Kimi ni Todoke game is going to follow the original storyline. Sawako is trying to make friends and open up to fellow students. This is accomplished by trying to trigger events with characters to unlock images and build relationships. You can see how well Sawako is doing by checking the “garden” on the top screen, where you’re growing and nurturing the seeds of her relationships.


A website’s already up, but there’s not much there at the moment. It’s mainly just an announcement, stating the game is on it’s way.

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