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We Kinda Forgot About Bullet Hell Soldner-X 2’s Expansion… Until Now



With so much stuff going on, it’s often usual for stuff to slip by us. Some of it gets re-discovered when we’re looking through the archives hunting for more information.


One of these is this: Check out Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype – The Last Chapter.



Soldner-X2_DLC_08 Soldner-X2_DLC_09

This shoot-em-up for the PlayStation 3 was pretty excellent for its time (a whole four years ago!) and we noted that the final expansion pack, The Last Chapter, would be coming. And then… err… oops? The expansion added three additional stages, with an extra secret one as well.



As far as bullet hells go, Soldner-X was great, with some really tough patterns and cool effects.


Soldner-X2_DLC_10 Soldner-X2_DLC_11

If there’s anything else you think we should give a shout out to that we missed, let me hear it! Every now and then, we’ll be trawling for old gems to talk about, so send in your tips or leave us a comment.


Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype – The Last Chapter is available on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3.